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Can't they make just as loud and deep of low frequencies in a tiny box nowadays? 
A. While some small powered subwoofers with gigantic amplifiers can be equilized to produce loud or deep bass, basic laws of physics still apply. You can't have a tiny box with a small woofer producing loud,deep undistorted low frequencies efficiently. There is no substitute for large woofers in large cabinets of proper design.

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I keep burning out my tweeters in speakers rated twice what my amplifier puts out. Shouldn't they be able to take anything my amp can produce?
A. Tweeters are generally the most fragile link in the loudspeaker chain. They must be small and light to reproduce high frequencies and as a result, they use small diameter, thin wired voice coils. While tweeters can often handle very healthy amounts of power, your amp is probably being pushed beyond the limit of it's supply of clean, undistorted power output. This is called "clipping" distortion which puts out harsh, and very harmful energy which overloads the tweeter.

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Is there any way not to burn up tweeters other than turning down the music?
A. There are several options open to the music lover. One is to get a bigger amp (meaning rated at a higher output capability) so that it doesn't go into "clipping" as soon. It doesn't get much louder, but at least it won't clip as often at the same volume level as the smaller amp. Another way is to modify the crossover to the tweeter. A steeper, roll-off, or higher crossover point will make the tweeter safer. Combining the higher crossover frequency with a higher order crossover; even combined with a fuse makes the best protection.

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Where can I find basic information on speakers?
Woofer - The larger, low frequency speaker in a system, usually mounted in a box to keep the front and back sound wave from reaching each other (and thereby cancelling the output it's trying to produce).

Midrange - or Squaker, produces the tones between a woofer and tweeter which are unable to blend together in some cases due to design limitations.

Tweeter - The high frequency driver in a speaker system, usually smaller and lighter in weight, it can move faster and therefore produce delicate higher tones.

Super Tweeter - Usually an add-on small speaker augmenting the high frequency output of an existing system. It is only necessary when the existing highs are inadequate.

Sub Woofer - A separate and usually larger cabinet containing one or more bass speakers to extend the low end tones in a sound system. Some subwoofers have a dedicated amplifier to power them.

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